Tyso & NRP-program

General introduction:

    • When a participant purchase Likes or NTC, it is now possible to purchase real estate.
    • This option is an additional measure to reduce the potential risks of a decrease in value and thus to limit any loss to a minimum level. Risks are associated with each investment.
    • With the NRP program the risk is levelled or at least reduced to a minimum.
    • These opportunities are also intended to attract large investors, such as pension funds, institutional investors and real estate companies, who also invest in real estate or development projects.
    • The NRP program makes it possible to invest part of the investment in real estate, such as offices, shops, business premises, apartments, recreation projects, holiday homes, etc. and to protect this investment against the risks of rapid unexpected drop in value.
    • The total investment is therefore considerably less risky and the return is increased.
    • The NRP program can be universally applied by organizations and companies, individually, and in groups by families or friends.
    • For real estate relations, the following model is used for Likes and NTC purchase and their spending on real estate, while the coverage of the value is indicated.
    • For every € 500 (EUR), 10,000 Likes or NTC will be delivered + bonus of 25%
    • This creates a wallet with 12,500 Likes or NTC for every € 500 investment. 
    • 75% of the invested amount can be used directly for purchase of real estate in the real estate portfolio, in the name of the investor or in the name of the foundation that is notarial established.
    • 25% of the invested amount is reserved in the wallet of the notarial established Tyso-Foundation and used for further development (up to a maximum of 10%) and purchases of real estate (for at least 15%)

Schematic Route & Process:

Coverage ratio:

    • The value of Likes & NTC is at least € 0.10 each as issuance price on exchanges for crypto currencies.
    • The value growth of Likes & NTC is linked to the value growth of the New Technology that distinguishes itself as a game-changer in the field of data streaming in general, and secure high-speed streaming of large amounts of data, included reach of areas with low bandwidth, in the highest quality, at the lowest cost, with the least energy use in particular.
    • The value of the property can be linked to income from rent or leasing during the applied rental period, and the financial return on sales.
    • For more details ask for the xlsx model or ask for a presentation, based on: € 10,000,000 EUR investment.
    • Download: Calculation-2021-NRP-program.xlsx

Calculation Model:

Calculation example:

  • With an investment amount of € 1,000,000 EUR at the start, the quantity of Likes or NTC to be delivered is 25,000,000 Likes or NTC, which are worth € 2,500,000 EUR at an introductory value of € 0.10
  • Free use: 75% of the investment amount can be used directly by the investor for real estate purchase up to a total of € 750,000 EUR.
  • Not free use: 25% of the investment amount. This is meant for guarantee fund in the “Tyso-Foundation”, of which at least 15% will be used for real estate purchase and a maximum of 10% will be used for further development costs covering.
  • With a value of each Likes below € 0.02 part of the purchased real estate will be transferred from Tyso-Foundation’s guarantee fund to the investor to cover the difference in value.
  • Investors Wallet worth at price rise Likes or NTC from € 0.10 to € 0.20 will be: € 5,000,000 EUR.
  •  Upon reaching this increase, the operation of the NRP policy may be discontinued, because then no warranty from Tyso-Foundation’s guarantee fund for coverage of the difference is required.



1. The Foundation aims to:

  • Managing funds, goods, intellectual property, and more specifically IP rights regarding the New Technology.
  • The management of a guarantee fund, consisting of cryptocurrency, and more specifically the crypto coin Likecoin or NTC, with ticker symbol LIKES,
  • Managing funds for a Charity program, where 2% of the total number of Likecoin LIKES and New Technology Coin NTC is intended for the realization of ideological- and social goals;
  • The purchase, operation and sale of real estate.

2. The Foundation has ideological and social objectives:

  • Protection and issuance of 2% of the number of New Technology Coin (NTC) and Likecoin (LIKES) to be issued as charity contribution for charitable causes, such as Red Cross, World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, War child, poverty reduction, education, health, and other charities with a social importance;
  • Monitoring the value link between New Technology Coin (NTC) and Likecoin (LIKES);
  • Fund management for any guarantees to be provided within the NRP program (No Risk Policy program);
  • Purchase, operation and management of real estate to strengthen the guarantee fund.

3. The intended assets of the Foundation are formed by:

  • The ownership and sale of Likecoin (LIKES) and New Technology Coin (NTC) within the NRP program.
  • This No Risk Policy program enables institutional investors, pension funds and other real estate investors and other registered property investors, to be able to reduce the investment risk to a minimized level by guarantees from the guarantee fund of the Tyso-Foundation;
  • Purchase or sale of goods, shares, whether or not listed in listed companies, and other investments;
  • Gifts and donations;
  • What is obtained by inheritances or legacies;
  • What is obtained in another way;


  • In notarial contract procedures, the notary first receives the investment amount from investor in his separate third-party account.
  • The notary pays 75% of this amount directly back to the investor, on the account that the investor indicates. This may be the investor’s own account or the account of the investor’s foundation.
  • Besides that, the notary pays 25% of the investment amount to the account of the Tyso-Foundation, after the LIKES or NTC have been sent by Tyso Entertainment Ltd, and received by the investor.
  • To transfer Likes or NTC (cryptocurrency), a Wallet Address is needed.
  • Buy a Hardware Wallet (Ledger, Trezor, e.g.), or create a wallet in MetaMask or MyEtherWallet.com (MEW)

Final word:

  • Final word:

    The linking of Likes & NTC to the New Technology software creates a much larger coverage ratio for the invested capital, which means that loss is reduced to a minimum.

    For this New Technology there is great interest from several industrial sectors including Telecom companies, Banks, Media distribution companies, Oil and Gas Industry, Healthcare and other.

Characteristic advantages:

  • 3x more data distribution and speed over the same internet connection
  • Reach of areas with low bandwidth
  • Secured data transport through a unique DRM encryption system
  • Enormous reduction in energy use resulting in less CO2 emissions
  • Significant reduction in total operating costs
  • Quality retention of original content
  • Accessibility of all devices and all operating systems

Extensive technology information and the Roadmap are available in the Likes Whitepaper.

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