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Our initial business model is based on SaaS (Software as a Service) and delivering to businesses.

In different industries we use the model PAYG (pay as you grow) for services:

  • Onetime fee for Technology Integration.
  • License fee for use of the technology.
  • Maintenance fee.
  • Small royalty fee from each end‐user in the chain.
  • Cost covering for cloud services
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Our model starts with B2B services in different industries.

  • Telecom
  • Banking sector data distribution
  • Broadcasting Entertainment
  • Video on Demand & Movies
  • Smart data delivery Oil & Gas
  • Governments secure connection
  • Healthcare & Medical Education
  • Public Surveillance & Safety
  • Real Estate
  • Private network for business & social


Our products are prepared for businesses and consumers.

  1. xHS and xSPF Frameworks (Core Technology for all industries)
  2. SDD (Smart Data Delivery for Banks)
  3. x-Intercast (Complete broadcasting solution for video and audio | VJ‐Cast)
  4. 120FLiX (End to End solution for content creators in Film industry)
  5. Smart‐i (Connect Sending- and Receiving Points | smart data delivery)
  6. Tyso (Private & Business media communication network)
  7. HSA (Home Spy Assistance for Public & Private | Surveillance & Control)
  8. NRP (No Risk Policy program for Real Estate)


Healthcare in hospitals

Estimated Market Size: a lot of Establishments

Medical data distribution

Medical training & collaborating healthcare

Security & Privacy in Healthcare Communication

Medical control

Broadcast companies

Estimated Market Size: a lot of Establishments

Movie & Film production & distribution

TV Broadcasting companies

Why developed

  • Our developments started from a passion to create a new social media network for entertainment at the highest quality level within the technical possibilities.
  • We were stressed about the low quality of streamed content in YouTube videos and in all existing social media platforms in the market.
  • Often appeared publications about privacy protection consumers awaked us.
  • Often appeared publications about Piracy made us alert.
  • Industry complaints about hacking and illegal use or downloads proved that the existing protection for content was not good enough so the industry missed a huge legal sales profit.

Why we are unique

  1. First in industry with solution for lossless Audio & Video streaming original content. (xHS)
  2. Highest content protection against illegal use, piracy and hacking. (Shell)
  3. Highest privacy protection in Tyso social media network. (Shell)
  4. No need for re‐encoding or re‐compression resulting in lower costs.
  5. Unified single Player framework for all devices. (xSPF)

Why we are competitive

  • We are able to stream original produced content to end‐users within current bandwidth, without reducing the files and without loss on quality in video, music and pictures.
  • Only we can say WYUIWYG (What You Upload Is What You Get). Delivering reality.
  • Throughput over internet is 3 times more than legacy streaming architectures.
  • We reduce the cost for re‐encoding and re‐compression jobs and hardware.
  • Supports highest audio bitrate up to 28.6 Mbps.
  • Supports highest frame rate of 120 FPS.
  • Supports up to 24 streams for a video (combination of audio and subtitle).
  • Immersive True cinematic surround sound, DOLBY® Atmos and DTS® UHD
  • Ready for HEVC video codec (8K resolution UHD) and DOLBY® Atmos audio (18.1 channel).
  • Bandwidth friendly streaming architecture fully compatible with current bandwidth speed.
  • Green Eco‐stream avoids high CPU usage and reduce the storage cost and power consumption.

Broadcast companies

  • xHS™ is the first media streaming delivery protocol to support every kind of profile in the audio and video
  • It’s the first streaming delivery to give support for cinema audio lossless Dolby® Atmos and DTS®‐UHD up to 64 ‐ 128 channel—which can be sent from one URL to all home cinemas & theatres!
  • It’s the first streaming delivery to allow content creators and distributors to create their own A/V streaming specification.
  • It’s the first streaming delivery to carry documents and images along with the video, audio and subtitle.
  • It’s the first streaming delivery to give support for BD‐Java (Interactive Menu Support) and BD‐Live.
  • With xHS™ media providers avoid re‐encoding and re‐compression to give compatibility for different form factors thereby reducing ascent/descent cost for cloud storage, cloud CPU usage and power consumption, and they send music, movies or programming piracy free.


  • xSPF™ is the first streaming player as capable as any hardware player today in the offline mode as in the online mode.
  • It is flexible and handles all audio and video codecs, bitrate, frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio, color modes, scan type, audio sample rate, bit depth, etc.
  • It can handle up to 8K resolution using the latest video codec HEVC.
  • In the audio category, it will be the first Streaming player framework to give audio support of lossless Dolby® Atmos up to 64 ‐ 128 channel surround sound.
  • xSPF™ can handle all the audio and video specifications on any platform and form factors.
  • Finally, xSPF™ is the first Streaming player framework to provide audio bit streaming to external Receivers.

Banking sector & Telco’s

Estimated Market Size: a lot of Establishments 

Main technology for fast streaming & safe data distribution


  • Immersive internet user experience through high quality profiles
  • High fidelity audio experience up to 128 channels (e.g.: Dolby® Atmos and DTS®‐UHD)
  • Allows content creators to define their own custom AV profiles (instead of limited profiles)
  • Document (any‐type) & images view on the fly along with Video/Audio tracks.
  • Allows to create interactive menu systems for content creators.
  • Allows to include 3rd party live feeds inside the main delivery stream.
  • Reduced cloud storage, CPU usage and power consumption leading to green technology.
  • Cloud technology usage that provides elasticity.


Shell protection acts as secure vault for the media files being streamed or stored. Shell uses three or four layers of virtual protection with AES 256‐bit encryption algorithms whereas Blu‐ray™  disc have one-layer AACS certificate protection.


  • Streaming architecture XHS allows streaming original content (WYUIWYG).
  • WYUIWYG, what you upload is what you get.
  • Player framework XSPF removes the need for re‐encoding.
  • Three-layer Shell protection prevents piracy and illegal use.
  • No data loss in streaming.
  • No need for re‐compression to fit within current bandwidth.
  • UHD video streaming and studio‐quality audio streaming without constraints.
  • Up to 120 frames per second for video.
  • Up to 28.6 Mbps audio bitrate.
  • Lower power consumption and energy use.
  • Lower TCO (total cost of ownership) for adopters after technology integration.
  • 4K UHD streaming 2D and 3D, ready for 8K streaming.
  • Raw format picture streaming.

Business Use

Estimated Market Size: a huge number of Establishments

Business communication & data distribution