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  • Smart-i is a software based reliable and efficient end-to-end and end to multi-end point broadcast delivery.
  • Smart-i provides assured studio quality delivery with no loss on pixels and frames to end points.
  • It uses custom container format and virtually can handle any codecs.
  • The delivery platform is powered by powerful xSPF and xHS
  • It includes complete administration control of the multiple end points on dashboard.
  • Smart-i is an audio and video delivery solution between different end points (Studio to reporters or agents and vice-versa) in studio quality with significant cost savings than satellite delivery.

Smart Data Delivery solutions…

Smart Data Distribution workflow

Key Capabilities

Quick Overview

  • Centralized control and monitoring for any number of end points
  • Control the sync server and player from administration panel
  • Supports delivery through xHS/HTTP, LAN, WAN or any private network
  • Supports wide range of video and audio codecs
  • Create or update or delete the playlist on the fly
  • Change logo and watermark on the fly
  • Create schedule up to 7 days
  • Add commercials or channel intro within a show time
  • Supports Full HD 3D (Side by Side, Top and Bottom and Anaglyph)
  • Adjust audio and video settings from the studio administration
  • Supports unlimited number of audio tracks for a show
  • Assign audio track for each end point from single container
  • Pairing with playout card for security lock
  • Shell protection layer for copy protection with 256-bit AES encryption and intelligent unified key system
  • Streaming contents encrypted with AES 256-bit keys
  • Delivers in highly secured VCF (Virtual Cinema Format) container
  • Ready for 4K broadcast
  • Powerful xSPF cinema player framework
  • Supports all Dolby and DTS consumer codecs (Up to Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD Master Audio)
  • No re-encoding or re-compression or re-sampling jobs thus it maintains the studio quality
  • Downgrade quality for low bandwidth delivery
  • Automatic player restart and resume the playout in case of application or computer crash.
  • Supports any audio and video bitrate
  • Supports any audio bit depth
  • Supports any audio sampling rate up to 2.5 MHz
  • Supports higher frame rate video up to 120 FPS (HFR)
  • Sync server – Saves bandwidth for repeated shows and commercials


  • 5x greater quality than HD satellite delivery.
  • Fraction of the cost (Up to 89% savings) when compared to existing traditional broadcast models.
  • Deliver in camera or master quality at lower cost.
  • White label – Publish the software in your own brand, UI design and features powered by our technology.
  • Create playlist for any number of end points around the globe from single administration panel.
  • No need of satellite investment for end point deliveries (Between reporters to studio or agents and vice-versa).
  • Easy to setup the Smart-i (Within 30 Min).
  • Bring multi-dimensional immersive experience Dolby Atmos at lower cost.
  • Advanced industry standard AES 256-bit content encryption with two-layer shell protection.
  • Smart-i supports highly efficient video codec (HEVC/H.265) which saves 50% bandwidth and gives two times higher video quality than legacy codecs.
  • Significant cost savings on satellite and hardware devices for delivery between end points.
  • Satisfy your consumers with our rich quality audio and video delivery.
  • Save your money and time investing on hardware platforms to increase your video quality.
  • Add up to 24 different audio tracks for different end points.
  • Master the video once and include multiple audio tracks for each end points.
  • Start new delivery system with Dolby Atmos / 4K resolution / 3D at lower cost than present industry standards.

Delivery Process

Smart Data Delivery anywhere…

Technical Specification

Supported Video Codecs

HEVC/H.265, H.264/AVC, VC-1, MPEG-2

Supported Audio Codecs


Support File Formats

h264, avc, mp4, mpeg, mpg, vob, evo, h265, hvc, hevc, ts, m2ts, mts, mpls, mpl, mkv, mk3d, mks, mka, 264, m4a, ssif, mov, aac, mp3

Supported Subtitles


Delivery Model

xHS™ (xTream Hyper Streaming)

Streaming Format

MPTS (Transport Stream)

Video Bitrate Range

256 Kbps – 160 Mbps

Audio Bitrate Range

32 Kbps – 28.7 Mbps

Audio Sample Rate

44 KHz – 192 MHz

Frame Rate

1 – 120 FPS

Color Modes


Scan Type

Progressive / Interlaced

Supported Resolution

QVGA to 4K

Maximum No. Of Tracks

24 (Audio + Subtitle)

3D Formats

Anaglyph (All Colors), Side-By-Side, Top and Bottom, Interlaced

2D to 3D Conversion


Real 3D


Bitstream HD Audio


Content Encryption

Industry standard AES-256-bit encryption

Content Protection

Shell Protection

Supported Platforms

Windows and API Users

Supported Player

xSPF™ Player Framework

Minimum Bandwidth Speed (Primary)

15 Mbps

Minimum Bandwidth Speed (Downgrade)

4 Mbps

Shell Data Protection process

Popular Features

Content Live & VOD/AOD Live Broadcasting

  • Smart-i supports all major hardware devices for live broadcasting.
  • It supports any DirectShow or WDM compliant device including capture cards (PCI), Webcams, Handy cams, Professional cameras, TV tuners, Microphone and Line In.
  • It also supports broadcast in Multi-channel lossless HD Audio.
  • Smart-i supports any number of simultaneous broadcasting and delivers the content smoothly.
  • Smart-i broadcast the content in MPTS format which brings a stunning quality of video and audio.

Multi Audio & Subtitle Layers

  • Change the language tracks for your video on the fly. 
  • This feature is available for both Live streaming and Video on Demand (VOD) service. 
  • Audio tracks can be in HD Audio, AAC, HE-AAC, MPEG-Audio & Linear Uncompressed PCM.
  • Subtitles are recommended to be in PGS format which gives the best visibility.

TrueHD 2D & 3D

  • Smart-i supports the SBS (Side by Side) view and TB (Top and Bottom) view which are recognized by major 3D HDTV’s. 
  • It supports 1080p for each eye (L and R).
  • Smart-i can convert 3D SBS to Anaglyph (All colors) for 2D monitors and TV’s, 3D SBS to 3D Top and Bottom, 3D Top and Bottom to Anaglyph, 3D Top and Bottom to 3D SBS.

Lossless HD Audio

  • MPTS streaming is based on the standard MPEG-2 TS (Transport Stream). MPEG-2 TS commonly used to store video, audio, and other streams.
  • This allows multiple video programs to be stored in the same file so they can be played back simultaneously.
  • MPTS streaming supports lossless multi-dimensional HD Audio up to 128 channels for the immersive entertainment experience.
  • Smart-i streams in uncompressed format which gives the stunning experience of audio and video quality.

4K Ready

  • Go beyond TrueHD!
  • Smart-i supports Ultra HD 4K for both live streaming and on-demand videos.
  • Ultra HD is designed for big screens to experience beyond TrueHD which is proposed by NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories.

Built-in Smart-i Codecs

  • With the high-quality audio and video decoders designed for the latest generation processor with graphics card hardware acceleration (GPU) like Nvidia CUDA Technology, DXVA and Intel Quick Sync., experience the stunning TrueHD audio and video with our built-in decoders.
  • Smart-i codecs is highly optimized for low power consumption and save mobile PC batteries for a longer time.
  • You don’t need any additional codecs or software for our live streaming and VOD contents.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

  • No leaks or damages on your live streaming and VOD.
  • Smart-i streams your data with High grade strong encryption and delivers the content securely.

Unlimited Streaming Slots

  • Stream any size of files to any number of users simultaneously.
  • Smart-i can stream a media to millions of users and we optimize the streaming as you need.

Sync Server

  • Smart-i ingest the content once from the origin and mirrors to the Sync Server.
  • Every time you access the same content, Smart-iwill not buffer it again and uses the cache from Sync Servers.
  • It reduces your bandwidth cost despite repeated playbacks or views of the content any number of times.

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