SALES crypto coin LIKES


  • Crypto coin LIKES was introduced in 2018 named Likecoin, a utility token for the community.
  • The total number of initial supplied tokens is limited to: 2,006,000,000 Likes
  • Number of tokens in Tyso-Foundation’s wallet = 51% = 1,023,060,000 Likes
  • Overview how LIKES are divided for distribution:
    • Founders 3% = 60,180,000 Likes (time locked)
    • Developers 5% = 100,300,000 Likes
    • Marketing 12% = 240,720,000 Likes
    • Advisors 2% = 40,120,000 Likes
    • Charity program 2% = 40,120,000 Likes (time locked)
    • Community Sales 25% = 501,500,000 Likes
    • Blocked Reserve in wallet Tyso-Foundation 51% = 1,023,060,000 Likes (time locked)
  • Introduction price on cryptocurrency Exchanges = € 0.10 / Likes
  • More details about Likes and Tyso Technology in the Likes Whitepaper-18.05.06

In essence, LIKES as a digital ERC20 utility token on the Ethereum blockchain, can be used for different purposes, buy and sell goods or services, reward actions on social media with Likes, pay with Likes in supported web shops, trade with Likes on cryptocurrency Exchanges, use of the NRP-program and a lot more.

Likes is supported by Tyso Technology, and both will benefit from this connection. Growing demand for this game-changing Tyso Technology, results in value growth of Likes.

  • Token name: Likecoin
  • Ticker Symbol: LIKES
  • Decimals: 8



  • Pricing of Likecoin LIKES may be changed from time to time, depending on market and currency changes.

    • The Limited Period is set for 1st Quarter of 2019 (100 EUR = 4500 LIKES)
    • Following Limited Period will be anyway 2nd Quarter of 2019 (100 EUR = 3000 LIKES)
    • Intended listing on cryptocurrency Exchanges: initial price LIKES = € 0.10 (EUR) each.
    • Within the NRP-program (No Risk Policy-program) for Real Estate, we have special arrangements.
    • Participation in the NRP-program is possible on certain conditions.

How to purchase your Likecoin LIKES

    1. Choose the currency and the amount you want to spend
    2. If the amount is for instance € 500 (EUR) you will receive 5×3,000=15,000 coins (Likes)
    3. Pay the amount to Tyso Bank account NL75 INGB 0008 3332 04
    4. Create your wallet address (your public key):
    5. Send us your wallet address as message in the contact page
    6. You will receive confirmation from us by E-mail
    7. Within few days you will receive your purchased coins
    8. You will receive confirmation by E-mail about successful sending your LIKES.

    Your payment with Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) you can send to our account as mentioned.

    • EUR account is: NL75 INGB 0008 3331 04
    • USD account is: NL45 INGB 0020 0436 78

    For each € 100 (EUR) or the equivalent in ETH, BTC or USD, you will receive 3,000 LIKES. Always send us a message in the contact page, with your Wallet Address (Public Key), Currency and amount you paid, but never tell us your password or Private Key. We will never ask for your Private Key or Password.

    Always be sure that you have read and accepted the Legal-documents and Whitepaper, and FAQ, before you start buying. Your acceptance from our “Terms” is mandatory.

    You also can visit our Likecoin website:

Special arrangements

• Existing customers enjoyed a free bonus of 15% during last year.
• The free bonus stopped in 1st Quarter 2019.
• For Community Sales the minimum amount per transaction is € 100 (EUR).
• The maximum number of LIKES per transaction is not limited, unless sold out.
• The new NRP-program is developed for Real Estate investments.
• This is meant for Pension Funds, Institutional Investors, Project Developers in real estate, or Groups of individual investors as a combined Foundation.
• Investments within the NRP-program are not limited, unless the Likecoin LIKES are sold out.

Final Word

  • Every investment comes with risks to lose part or all invested money. Investments within the NRP-program are very well protected to reduce the risks to a minimal level.
  • The linking of Likes to Tyso Technology software creates a much larger coverage ratio for the invested capital, which means that loss is reduced to a minimum.
  • If you are not aware of risks involved, then forget about investments.
  • In near future we will present a new coin, named Tysocoin, with Ticker symbol TC.